Brand Design: From Conceptualization to Implementation
In today's competitive business environment, a strong brand can make all the difference. Our course is designed to help you create and develop powerful, effective brands that resonate with your target audience. You will learn the key principles of brand design and also learn to create a brand identity that accurately reflects a company's values and personality.
Who is this Course for?
Graphic Designers, Brand Designers, Design Enthusiasts
Course Content

Module 1 - Understanding & Interpreting client briefs

Module 2 - Creating a logo questionnaire & asking the right questions

Module 3 - Pricing & Terms

Module 4- Information Gathering & Research

Module 5 - Logo design, from sketch to finished design.

Module 6 - Presenting a Logo to a Client

Module 7- Brand identity document design

Module 8- Client assets

Module 9- Packaging Design

Module 10- Design resources

Student Testimonials


Fego Onowori

"The simplicity of the course makes learning easy. The best part of the course was the module on Logo presentation. This Brand Identity Design course should be an award-winning course."


Pamela Lepdung

"This course is an eye-opener. It is concise and practical. The explanations are easy to understand for a beginner with a simple delivery. I am excited to learn more."


Nafiu Sofiat

"Very explanatory and insightful. The best online platform to learn. It almost feels like the course instructor is right beside me, holding my hand."


Ndubuisi Favour

"It has been an interesting and great experience. Really engaging and I have learned a lot. Never thought that Branding can actually be easier to create once all necessary details are put in the right place."


Maitumelo Radipodi

"It was very interesting. I learned a lot from the course and was definitely put a step further into achieving my goals."


Oluwaseun Majolagbe

"The course has been simplified to the simplest format that makes it easy to understand."

Student Testimonials

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Some of our frequently asked questions

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, you can! You can take as many courses as you like.

Will I get a Certificate after the training?

As proof of your dedication, you will be given certificate at the end of every course.

What if I have questions or need help with anything?

Geneza mentors are always willing to help you and guide you. You can reach out via email and slack.

How long do the courses run for?

Each course runs for at least 3 months with a flexible learning pace. Depending on your pace and time, you can learn at a faster or slower pace.

Are there any additional costs involved, such as resources or materials?

No, there are no additional costs involved in the design course. All necessary resources and materials will be provided as part of the course package.

Can I take a course with no prior experience?

Yes, you can enroll in a course if you have no prior experience.  They have been carefully structured for beginners who have no prior experience, skills, or knowledge.

Will I need a laptop to take this course?

Yes, you will need a laptop to take these courses. The tools used in the courses are computer based softwares.

Which design courses are right for me?

Geneza school of design offers a wide range of design courses. Each course has been designed for both beginners and intermediate students. So whatever your level, interest or skill is, there is a course for you.

How much does a course cost?

Each course costs NGN29,500 with 25% discount of the original NGN40,000.

Is Webflow the best?

Yes, absolutely!!!!