Adi, the brainchild of Audrey Ikyav, emerged with a mission to revolutionize grains into delectable, shelf-stable food offerings. Audrey ensures the production of high-quality and hygienically processed pap meals suitable for various age groups. While facing the challenge of an existing trademarked logo and colors, the rebranding efforts for Adi were channeled towards crafting a captivating identity that flawlessly encapsulates the essence of the brand.

Designers: Gontse Lefa Rafedile, Unwana Umosen, Adébímpé Fáforíjì, Tijesuni Obereke, Oluwakemi Michelle Adesola, and Joan Pinnick.

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Adi takes pride in transforming grains into mouthwatering, shelf-stable food, prioritizing impeccable quality and hygiene. These pap meals are suitable for different age groups. Despite the challenge of a trademarked logo and colors, designers from @genezatrainig - Lefa, Unwana, Fáforíjì, Obereke, Adesola, and Joan rose to the occasion, creating a breathtaking brand identity that perfectly captures Adi's essence.

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Testimonial from Business Owner

"What was done exceeded my expectations. I am grateful and I appreciate all of the work put into my business. Thank you again."

- Mrs Audrey Ikyav

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