Brand Her Campaign

Tiymah Foods

Saidat Smith, the CEO of Tiymah Food, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the simple goal of providing for her family. However, her mission has evolved to encompass a greater purpose: providing healthy food options and empowering women and youth. Recognizing her selflessness, passion, and determination, Tiymah Foods was selected for the Brand Her Campaign. This business specializes in processing, preserving, and packaging a wide range of farm products, including cassava flour, yam, maize, beans, ginger, and much more.

Designers: Doowuese Igbazua, Joyce Etukudoh, Adeogun Ebenezer, Daniella Olu-Festus, Oluwanifemi Adeyemi, Faderera Alade-Dauda

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With a carefully crafted logo that embodies nature's essence, we've captured the vibrant colors of farm produce and paired them with a bold typography, resulting in a visual identity that truly stands out.

We owe a special thanks to the talented individuals who contributed to this incredible work: Deborah, Joyce, Eben, Daniella, Nifemi, and Faderera. Together, they collaborated under the mentorship of the amazing Design by Alala, who graciously partnered with us to guide these talented students in creating an outstanding brand design.

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Testimonial from Business Owner

"The work done truly exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful, it's different, they paid a lot of attention to details. I absolutely loved it!"

- Mrs. Saidat Smith

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