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Romode Candles

Driven by her personal experience as a former malaria sufferer and a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact on her community, Rosemary Mark created Romode Candles. Combined with her passion for the tranquil ambiance of candlelight, Rosemary started a business that serves multiple purposes: scented candles that were also mosquito repellent. The designers created a unique logo design resembling candle flames and a rose—a nod to the founder's name—and captivating patterns and colors that pay homage to Africa.

Designers: Comfort Chidinma Eke, Chinenye Ibezim, Jubilee Abotu, Karimatu Muhammad Hussaini, Adebayo Seyi, Nimotullahi Abiodun Obasa, Ololade Gbadamosi

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As one of the selected businesses for the BrandHer campaign, the designers - Comfort, Jubilee, Ibezim, Hussaini, Seyi, Obasa, and Ololade - created a logo design shaped like candle-flames and a rose(from the founder's name). Patterns and colors to remind people of Africa and a product packaging designs that just speaks for itself.

Keep your eyes peeled for these products in the market : )

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Testimonial from Business Owner

"I applied two days before the deadline. At the time, I was seeking a company for branding, and this opportunity came at a perfect time.

They asked a lot of questions to ensure they understood my needs. Communication was smooth and consistent. They kept me updated on the progress, exceeding my expectations. I was thrilled with the outcome; my business looked brand new! They not only helped but also trained me on using Canva—it was truly a full package. I highly recommend learning from and working with them. I felt supported throughout, and in short, the experience was excellent.

Now, they're like family, boosting my confidence in my products. In a competitive business landscape, I feel I have an edge."

- Mrs. Rosemary Mark

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