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A Comprehensive Growth Resource Pack

August 11, 2023

In a world where evolution is constant and progress is paramount, the significance of growth cannot be overstated. For designers, this can be challenging. That's where Ogaga John comes in – he's a Senior Product Designer at Outliant and a mentor at the Geneza School of Design, and he's put together a comprehensive resource called The Growth Resource Pack to help you grow, while keeping track of your personal progress.

What's Inside the Pack?

1. Books to Boost You – both for design and personal growth

2. Templates and Guides

3. Gaga's Personal YouTube Playlist.

4. Time Management Tips - specifically for creatives

5. Free Figma Kits

Click here to get Your Growth Resource Pack.

Remember, growth is even better when you're not alone. Join a community of designers who, just like you, are all about getting better and helping each other out.

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