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Why Mockups are Important for Design Presentations.

October 23, 2023

Sometimes, a lot of work and process are painstakingly used to create designs or a brand identity for a brand. This should not be jeopardized by unintentional careless presentations. Mae Afolabi shared on X (formerly Twitter) that “The presentation of a thing is as important as the thing itself” and this statement couldn't be more accurate. It's imperative that your target audience easily comprehends the values, mission, and goals your brand represents. Every design you present should be a meticulous, clear, and aesthetically pleasing representation of your brand's value.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of mockups in maintaining brand consistency. In a world where your competitors are likely using them effectively, you cannot afford to be left behind.

What is a Mockup?

Imagine a child playing with a toy truck that closely resembles their dad's real truck. This imitation of something authentic is what we call a mockup. It's a tool that allows us to visualize how something might appear before it's brought to life. Businesses can use mockups to foresee how their brands will be perceived before finalizing them. Similarly, designers can use mockups to see how their creations will look when applied in real-life scenarios. Working with mockups is akin to having a vision for something before it materializes.

Mockups can be customized to incorporate your designs, much like how Barbie doll clothes can be personalized. Every design has its unique identity, and mockups provide a canvas for interpreting your imagination visually in a matter of seconds. For instance, a startup skincare company might want to assess how their logo design would appear on a product tube. With mockups, these changes can be made effortlessly on a computer, allowing you to see your ideas come to life.

Geneza Store (Tube Mockup)

Why Mockups are Crucial

As previously mentioned, mockups play a pivotal role in making your design projects tangible for clients. They offer a visual preview that empowers clients to make revisions, ensuring the final product aligns with their vision. Mockups also serve as packshots for various brand products, seamlessly integrating into online stores, websites, and social media platforms. They can even be used to test merchandize before production, saving both time and money.

By investing in quality design presentations, you create a memorable experience, increase recognition, and enhance your design's perceived value. Additionally, mockups aid in the development process by providing developers with a clear understanding of the product's design, ensuring it aligns with your vision(as a designer) and reducing development time and effort.

Geneza Store (iPhone on Beach Sand)

Where to Find Quality Mockups

Discovering mockups is as easy as entering a search query into Google. However, the real value lies in selecting high-quality mockups with user-friendly customization features and are not already overused in the design industry. Here are a few places to find them:

1. Geneza Store: We know that we are a bit biased but Geneza Store provides premium mockups at unbeatable prices. And it's easily our top pick.

2. Freepik: You can download the most popular vectors and psds to use.

3. Known for its user-friendliness. It lets you create images easily with a variety of dimensions for Instagram, Pinterest, X.

4. Figma Community: Provides a large community of mockups that you can choose from. Picture a huge library of books...well... mockups in this case.

How to Use Mockups

It's pretty straightforward.

Start by downloading a mockup template tailored to your design or project industry. Within the mockup PSD file, you'll find a smart layer over the image, which can be easily customized by double-clicking on it. Insert your own brand design, adjust the size as needed, and save the file. The exact process may vary slightly based on the platform or website from which you obtain the mockup. Still not sure? Watch a tutorial here.

With mockups from Geneza Store, you can personalize background colors, lighting, and various design elements, taking your mockups to the next level.

Protip: You can also transform product mockups into dynamic GIFs or full-motion visuals, adding life to your designs.

Things to Consider when Choosing Mockups

Creating a powerful mockup involves more than just adding dimensions – it's about breathing life into your design. Here are some tips to consider as you work on your mockup:

- Visualize the Product in Action: Present your mockup in a way that resembles the product's real environment.

- Maintain Focus: Ensure that the elements in your mockup harmoniously complement your design without overshadowing it.

- Avoid Generic Images: Opt for tailored visuals over stock photos to effectively convey your designs.

- Diversify Mockup Scenarios: Develop multiple mockup scenarios to provide a comprehensive view for your client.

- Always Compare to the Actual Design: When reviewing a mockup, ensure it aligns with your initial flat design and doesn't overlook crucial design choices.

In conclusion, mockups are indispensable tools for maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that your design projects align with your clients' visions. They allow for visual previews, save time and money, and contribute to the overall success of your brand. Choose high-quality mockups and use them effectively to enhance your design presentations and brand's value.

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