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Top 10 Design Branding Trends of 2023

June 23, 2023

It’s 2023, and there is an obvious shift in the paradigm of design branding in the world today. 

This year we are seeing a demand for a more profound emotional connection with brands before customers can find you credible enough to be patronized. People are moving toward authentic brands. 

But, why is it essential to follow branding trends in 2023?

Now, we know that branding is all about communication. Staying abreast of recent trends gives you the opportunity to communicate your products and services effectively with the right target audience. Branding is a critical part of marketing, and you must stay updated to create the best brand designs. 

A lot of trends have changed in 2023, and as a company, we have taken the time to compile 10 new branding trends that you should watch out for in 2023. 

Let’s delve into it!

1. Minimalism

You already guessed it! Minimalist designs are the most notable designs in the world today. A lot is going on already. There are plenty of colours, elements, and information showing up every day, and one way to stay unique as a brand is to  leverage the power of minimalism

A minimal brand design is simple and focused. It uses minimal elements to convey a clear message, thus making the message more powerful and memorable. This is the essence of a good brand design now, isn’t it? 

In 2023, you should incorporate minimalistic designs into your schedule. 

Here is an example of a minimalist design;


2. Realistic brand designs

Gone are the days when the female representation on your brand logo design had to be perfectly curved, or the male representation had to be tall and well-built. The brand designs that will flourish in 2023 are the ones that are relatable. People want to feel secure in their flaws, and if your brand designs find a way to incorporate this, then you are well on your way to success. 

Brands are embracing natural languages and encouraging day-to-day conversations, businesses are being more transparent about their behind-the-scenes. It is a new, transparent world out here. 

By Jesus Sandrea

3. Sustainability:

There is a recent drive for sustainability in the market today, and as a brand, you must capture it in order to gain the credibility of your audience. It is not enough to say that you care about global warming and other social causes, your brand design must include it. 

People are watching, and since they now prioritize environmentally acceptable practices, they are more drawn to brands that respect the environment. 

Geneza Brands

4. Brand inclusivity

This is a system of creating products that appeal to a wide range of customers. The importance of diversity and inclusivity in the world today cannot be overemphasized. There are several new cultural, religious, and gender-based developments in the world today. 

A good brand design in 2023 is one that appeals to consumers of all shapes, sizes, genders, cultures, and identities. 


5. Hand-drawn touches

There’s just something about handwritten letters that makes you feel more loved than printed letters, true? 

Well, the world knows this now, and they are a bit more particular about this trend. 

Adding writing or drawing with your hands into your designs will make all the difference in the world. Something personal; your signature, your picture, a hand-drawn element, anything.

A little hand illustration gives the perception of a simpler time and helps people connect better emotionally to the brand in question. 

Nanea candle packaging

6. Adding a touch of Humour

The world is already difficult enough as it is, people want to look at your brand design and lighten up a bit. A little punch of humour might make your audience a bit more receptive to your brand.

A little humour about the climate, health, social systems, and other current happenings makes your brand relatable. More than anything, people want to know that they are not alone, and humour does this.

Reluctant Adulting

7. Substituting letters for icons

In a world where the attention span is quickly declining, it is important that your brand designs go beyond the normal.

A fun way to inject more personality into your branding might be to substitute letters for icons. This trend is becoming more popular in 2023. This can be a smart way to portray key details of your brand especially since it is one of the first things that people see when they look at your design. 


8. Nostalgia-focused designs

It is very difficult to ignore the feeling of nostalgia. Everyone loves to connect with something that awakens a deep remembrance in them. Brands are now reviving nostalgic designs and adding a touch of modernity.

A nostalgic design will pull on the heartstring of customers and give them pleasant memories, thereby ensuring that your brand remains timeless. 

Nostalgic Retro design

9. The use of colours:

There’s something almost irresistible about a good colour blend in a design today. Using an impressive colour tone will not only enhance the visibility of the design, but create scroll-stopping moments that lead to conversions.

People are more particular about colour combinations in 2023, so if you can get your colours right, then it is a win for your brand.


10. Animations

There is a notable shift to video content, and animations are a huge part of this move. Brands are now incorporating GIFs, parallax scrolling, and other animated elements to capture the hearts of consumers. 

Animations allow a brand to tell you stories in a unique way while entertaining its audience, creating more emotional connections.

Geneza Brands

There you have it! As a brand designer, you should definitely keep an eye on these 10 trends and see how you can incorporate them into your design strategy. 

Written by Joy Ogide

Joy is a freelance writer who enjoys writing content for the digital marketing and Tech industries.

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