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Brand Her Campaign: Empowering Women, Transforming Businesses

July 12, 2023

In a world where women are breaking barriers and making their mark in every field, the BrandHer Campaign emerges as a beacon of female empowerment and design creativity. This remarkable initiative celebrates International Women's Day by supporting the growth of small female-owned businesses. It empowers women entrepreneurs by equipping them with the tools they need to stand out in today's competitive market with brand designs that reflect their values and mission. Launched in 2023, in partnership with skilled designers from the Geneza School of Design, 6 businesses were selected and branded completely free of charge. It was also an incredible opportunity for talented designers of the Geneza School of Design to showcase their skills and collaborate on meaningful projects. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore the essence of the BrandHer Campaign, uncover its origins, and shine a spotlight on the extraordinary designers who lent their expertise to create stunning brand designs for 6 inspiring small businesses.

Project 1: HerLure Studios

Founded by Akpeji Dorcas - the CEO of the beauty brand, founded her business to create the ultimate self-care experience that she believes every woman deserves. She does this by offering services in braiding, semi-permanent brows, and natural hair styling. Her proposal showcased her determination and vision and the BrandHer Campaign provided a rebrand that amplified the genuine passion and uniqueness of the brand.

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Designers: Firdaussi Davina Shehu, Sherry Jas-Ikpeme, Kehinde Ogunlesi, Oluwajuwon Banjoko, Uju Okodike, Rachel Johnson

Project 2: Shealuxe Limited

Oduyemi Omowumi Helen - CEO of Shealuxe Limited is building a brand dedicated to providing natural, luxurious, and quality hair and skin care products. Her business started out of a personal challenge when her children faced skin problems. Her home remedies quickly gained popularity among parents, leading her to create a sellable brand that meets global market standards. Her passion to create a Global brand was evident when she applied and was selected for the BrandHer Campaign.

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Designers: Omowunmi Eunice Babalola, Miracle Abieyuwa Aigbovo, Akintade Toluwani Oluwatosin, Oyiza Kharimat usman, Ayobamidele Mobee, Damilola Balogun, Dickson Hope

Project 3: Romode Candles

Driven by her personal experience as a former malaria sufferer and a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact on her community, Rosemary Mark created Romode Candles. Combined with her passion for the tranquil ambiance of candlelight, Rosemary started a business that serves multiple purposes: scented candles that were also mosquito repellent. The designers created a unique logo design resembling candle flames and a rose—a nod to the founder's name—and captivating patterns and colors that pay homage to Africa.

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Designers: Comfort Chidinma Eke, Chinenye Ibezim, Jubilee Abotu, Karimatu Muhammad Hussaini, Adebayo Seyi, Nimotullahi Abiodun Obasa, Ololade Gbadamosi

Project 4: Adi

Adi, the brainchild of Audrey Ikyav, emerged with a mission to revolutionize grains into delectable, shelf-stable food offerings. Audrey ensures the production of high-quality and hygienically processed pap meals suitable for various age groups. While facing the challenge of an existing trademarked logo and colors, the rebranding efforts for Adi were channeled towards crafting a captivating identity that flawlessly encapsulates the essence of the brand.

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Designers: Gontse Lefa Rafedile, Unwana Umosen, Adébímpé Fáforíjì, Tijesuni Obereke, Oluwakemi Michelle Adesola, Joan Pinnick

Project 5: Tiymah Foods

Saidat Smith, the CEO of Tiymah Food, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the simple goal of providing for her family. However, her mission has evolved to encompass a greater purpose: providing healthy food options and empowering women and youth. Recognizing her selflessness, passion, and determination, Tiymah Foods was selected for the Brand Her Campaign. This business specializes in processing, preserving, and packaging a wide range of farm products, including cassava flour, yam, maize, beans, ginger, and much more.

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Designers: Doowuese Igbazua, Joyce Etukudoh, Adeogun Ebenezer, Daniella Olu-Festus, Oluwanifemi Adeyemi, Faderera Alade-Dauda

Project 6: Purple Sheris

As a subsidiary of Purplesheris plate, a brand renowned for their exceptional catering services. We had the privilege of adding a touch of magic to their visual identity. We crafted an iconic logo, named the tantalizing drinks and designed the juice bottle labels.

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BrandHer was born out of a deep appreciation for the hard work and creativity exhibited by women entrepreneurs. Bolanle Banwo Osadolo, the founder of the campaign, drew inspiration from her own mother, who exemplified resilience and resourcefulness throughout her life. The campaign was launched to honor women like her mother and to support women entrepreneurs who consistently make a positive impact on society. By providing impactful brand designs to select businesses annually, BrandHer aims to propel these small businesses to new heights of success.

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